Why Choose Us

Safari and Zanzibar Ltd

If you choose to go with Safaris and Zanzibar Ltd in Tanzania , then you are blessed . First of all you are coming to to the Country which has set aside about 70% of  her land for the Wildlife.

Second you are booking with the Company which it’s Policy focuses on  the following formulas, regarding the tourism Business.

1) High Turnover  x Low price = Good Profit and NOT  (2) Low turnover x High Price = Good Profit.

The experience of the staff of Safaris and Zanzibar Ltd has shown that, if you can lower the price and still deliver quality safaris,you can then attract the big market where you will have the big turnover and make good profit.  Its like when you lower the price of your Hotel then your Hotel is always  fully booked and you can make good profit rather than charging a very  high price and you have 5 % room occupancy !

Therefore, my dear clients from this Globe of our  Almighty God, I am taking this opportunity to welcome you to Tanzania and don’t be surprised of our wonderful better prices and services for your safaris or Kilimanjaro trekking. The Services are the same like those who charges more, the difference is our trading policy as aforesaid.

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