About Us

KARIBU – WELCOME to Tanzania, home of the “SAFARI,” Mount Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar.
Traveling with Safari and Zanzibar Ltd is the best way to guarantee that you enjoy the wonderful experience of Tanzania’s immense natural resources.

By choosing to travel to Tanzania with Safari and Zanzibar Ltd ., you are making the decision of a lifetime.

Safari and Zanzibar Ltd has stood out from the competition because to its dedication to providing top-notch services and creative product presentations free of clichéd package tours.

Our safaris are managed with the utmost care so that our customers can enjoy their most prized reward—a genuinely unforgettable experience.
With some of the best field guides at our disposal, we travel far to investigate the subject, making every effort to veer off the main path.

Beatrice Tibe is the Managing Director leading the staff of Safari and Zanzibar Ltd. Having been in this Tourism industry for more than 20 years working as a Sales Manager with reputable companies as aforesaid, Safari and Zanzibar Ltd can make you enjoy every minute of your safari our Tour because it is a straight,serious, Tour company with no short cuts.

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